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Personal Growth Through Performance

Building your best self through the elements that make you successful inside and outside of the gym

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Jake Piwko

B.S. Exercise Science, ACSM-CPT, USAW-SPC 1

Strength & Performance Coaching
Body Recomposition

Over the past ten years, I've had the incredible privilege of serving as a personal trainer and coach, dedicated to the mission of cultivating stronger and more functional individuals. Through this journey, I've had the joy of supporting my clients in achieving remarkable success, whether it's optimizing their body composition, refining movement patterns, or propelling them to excel in their respective sports.


What truly inspires me is the profound mental and physical growth that unfolds when individuals wholeheartedly commit to a lifestyle change. It's witnessing the transformative journey that keeps my passion alive.


Today, I invite you to embark on your own fitness adventure! Let's make it an exciting and personalized experience. Take the first step by filling out a brief questionnaire, and together, we'll elevate not just your fitness but your overall well-being. Join me on this journey, and let's make every step forward a celebration of progress and positivity. Your path to a stronger, more vibrant you starts now with Elevate Performance!


Coaching and Nutritional Programs

Personalized Remote Coaching

Take your workouts to the next level

with a personalized workout plan created to meet your specific fitness goals.

Your training is personally monitored and continually adjusted based on a number of metrics and trends. Receive technical feedback on your lifts, answers to your training questions, and have the support of a coach every step of the way.

Personalized Remote Coaching

Learn how to take control of your eating habits and achieve the body composition you have always wanted.

With step-by-step guidance and informational insight into how to make daily lifestyle changes, this service will help you learn how to eat to properly fuel your body and support your health and fitness goals.

In-Person Personal Training

Do you find yourself performing the same workout routine day after day? Do you ever wonder if you’re performing an exercise properly? Are you returning to the gym after an injury and aren’t sure where to start?

In-Person Personal Training is the perfect fit for anyone who needs additional accountability, wants to improve their technique, and needs that extra push in the gym to reach their fitness goals.

Personalized Remote Coaching

This is a service solely dedicated to improving your technique on the Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Snatch, or Clean & Jerk.

You will receive in-depth video analysis and breakdown of your lifts, personalized videos to help you put the feedback into practice, exercise recommendations to assist with technical improvement, and continued feedback on your progress via E-Mail.

Ready to begin your fitness journey?
Fill out this survey, and let's Elevate together


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Fridley, MN 55432

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